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As an investor with Chartwell Capital, you will be aware that we engage positively with the management of companies we invest in. We are keen to help them generate value for shareholders, champion industry change and improve corporate governance. This includes both on-going dialogue and formal communication – which for transparency we give you full access to below:

Alphamab Oncology (9966:HK)
Chartwell’s letter to Alphamab Oncology – July 2, 202

CMGE Technology Group Limited (302:HK)
Chartwell’s letter to CMGE Technology – July 16, 2021

COSCO Shipping International (517:HK)
Chartwell’s letter to COSCO Shipping – August 21, 2020
COSCO Shipping’s response to Chartwell – September 3, 2020

Far East Consortium (35:HK)
Chartwell’s letter to FEC – September 26, 2019
FEC’s response to Chartwell – November 29, 2019

FSE Services Group Ltd. (331:HK)
Chartwell’s letter to FSE – November 20, 2020
FSE’s response to Chartwell – November 25, 2020

Hua Hong Semiconductor Limited (1347:HK)
Chartwell’s letter to Hua Hong – June 11, 2020
Hua Hong’s response to Chartwell – July 29, 2020

Chartwell’s letter to Hua Hong – February 22, 2021
Hua Hong’s response to Chartwell – March 10, 2021

NWS Holdings Limited (659:HK)
Chartwell’s letter to NWS – January 17, 2020
NWS’s response to Chartwell – March 04, 2020

Chartwell’s letter to NWS – October 09, 2020
NWS’s response to Chartwell – November 24, 2020

Chartwell’s letter to NWS – February 05, 2021
NWS’s response to Chartwell – February 10, 2021

Chartwell’s letter to NWS – August 18, 2021

Union Medical Healthcare Limited (2138:HK)
Chartwell’s letter to UMH – November 13, 2020
UMH’s response to Chartwell – December 8, 2020

VTech Holdings Ltd. (303:HK)
Chartwell’s letter to VTech – May 5, 2021
VTech’s response to Chartwell – June 09, 2021