Clients of Chartwell Capital share a common goal: the long-term professional stewardship of their investments. Our belief in stewardship is vital to ensuring that our portfolio companies perform and operate to the best of their potential.

A core aspect of our service to clients is the assurance of effective corporate governance. We make sure that the companies we invest in have the right structures in place to meet the interests of investors. We at Chartwell ensure that our portfolio companies take these obligations seriously and make business and operational decisions that are in the best interests of all shareholders, thus creating sustainable value. We achieve this through proactive, positive engagement with managements and boards on primary business issues and environmental, social, and governance standards.

Our approach to risk defines our investment practices. From a portfolio management perspective, Chartwell leverages pricing and volatility to take calculated, asymmetric risks, with the aim of balancing returns and preserving capital. In the execution of our investments, we work to mitigate both systematic and unsystematic risks through proactive engagement with company management and with the wider business and financial communities.