Chartwell seeks out undiscovered or overlooked investment opportunities through collaborative engagement and mutual respect, ultimately benefiting our investors and portfolio companies.

Our investment strategy is built in, and for, China’s Greater Bay Area and the Asia-Pacific region, where we make multi-year investments in high-quality businesses. We opt for asymmetric return profiles with strong downside protection and favorable upside potential. We find such opportunities using a two-pronged investment approach that recognizes the value of both growth and income-oriented companies. Although we are market capitalization-agnostic, we favor family-controlled, small- to mid-capitalization companies.

In addition to passing our rigorous fundamental analysis and due diligence process, each potential portfolio company must present opportunities for Chartwell to engage with, amplify, and accelerate shareholder and stakeholder value.

In our experience, great ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. Every member of the Chartwell team, from operational staff to the Chief Investment Officer, adopts an engagement mindset. As such, our culture is one of collaboration and partnership.

Engagement is at the heart of what Chartwell does and is a key factor that differentiates us from others. We define engagement as fostering the right relationships and achieving long-term positive collaborations through deep regional knowledge and experience. We view engagement from four angles:

  • 1.

    Improving the Future sees Chartwell recommending industry and business best practices to improve reporting transparency, corporate communication, environmental, social, and governance standards.

  • 2.

    Shaping the Future sees Chartwell recommending business strategy and management or corporate initiatives to unlock or improve shareholder or stakeholder value.

  • 3.

    Changing the Future sees Chartwell originating new businesses, identifying strategic partners, and other opportunities that can further boost shareholder value.

  • 4.

    Creating the Future sees Chartwell originating strategic co-investments, mergers, acquisitions, and other game-changing initiatives.