Chartwell Capital Launches Asia Pacific Income Fund

HONG KONG, August 14, 2023 – Chartwell Capital, a Hong Kong-based independent investment firm, today announced the launch of the Chartwell Asia Pacific Income Fund. The fund is registered in Hong Kong as a private open-ended fund company (OFC) and is offered to professional investors only.
The new fund invests in high-yielding Asia Pacific-listed stocks, with a primary focus in the Hong Kong market and family-controlled businesses. This strategy aligns seamlessly with Chartwell Capital’s deep-rooted connections within Hong Kong’s entrepreneurial and business communities.

“Our connections in Hong Kong and thorough understanding of the business landscape give us the edge in finding overlooked local investment opportunities that are less affected by global economic and geopolitical uncertainties,” said Ronald Chan, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Chartwell Capital. “In addition, our active engagement approach allows us to create both shareholder and stakeholder value for our investment holdings while receiving sustainable and consistent dividends from them.”

By investing in this underserved segment, Chartwell Capital also contributes to the growth and sustainability of Hong Kong’s economy.

“Our approach creates a circular effect, whereby our investments help strengthen the local economy, and in turn, the thriving community which would then offer new investment opportunities,” added Mr. Chan. “Such an intertwined relationship with the local economy reflects our commitment to socially responsible investment and aligns perfectly with our deeply ingrained connections within Hong Kong’s business circles.”

Chartwell Capital’s investment team comprises 15 dedicated professionals with a combined experience of over 150 years in the investment industry. The firm prides itself on its robust investment process, honed over 15 years, and a strong business infrastructure that serves as a foundation for its investment success.

“Chartwell Capital is not just an investment firm. We consider ourselves investment stewards,” Mr. Chan said. “We are committed to delivering consistent investment returns to our clients while contributing and doing good for our community.”

With a strong emphasis on businesses with growth potential, sustainable free cash flow, and a proven track record, the Chartwell Asia Pacific Income Fund aims to provide investors with regular income, capital appreciation, and diversified exposure to the dynamic Hong Kong market.

Backed by a consortium of single-family offices, seasoned professionals, and financiers, the Chartwell Asia Pacific Income Fund is ready to inject vitality into the Hong Kong stock market and jumpstart local economic activities to reignite growth opportunities.